"The group was a perfect, low key, first outing for me and my baby during maternity leave.  I miss connecting with North End moms on a weekly basis now that I'm back to working, but our monthly nights out are a nice way to reconnect."

- North End Mom

"Some of the moms I met in the group are now my dearest friends."

— Susan

“We had a one year Birthday party with all our babies the Spring after we all met.  Joining this group changed my life.”

— Corey

“Don't wait go to the Thursday New Moms Group - you will be so happy you did”

— Jennifer

"The North End New Mom's group has been a fantastic source of support and friendship over the last year.  Meghan has built this group with the mission of supporting one another.  We are a group comprised of moms with diverse backgrounds and parenting styles all trying to navigate this crazy new role while having a lot of fun together."

- North End Mom


“I remember the first day Meghan told me to text another mom in the group.  She did not care what we texted but told us to promise we would.  A week later we were texting to meet for coffee.  It was so nice to be with other moms who understood all I was going through."   


— Beth



Being a mother is discovering strengths you did not know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed.