MOMS NIGHT OUT: First Wednesday of Every Month (Save the Date)

The Moms-Night-Out evenings are a casual night out with the girls at a local restaurant in the neighborhood.  Tell your husbands or partners to mark it in their calendars as well.  It is important to spend some time with other moms (without your babies) to relax and chat about motherhood.  Different moms plan the monthly events.  Sometimes they meet at the Sail Loft or the Living Room Restaurant or one of the many Italian restaurants in the North End.  One month they all went to the movies together.  It is another way to stay connected especially after returning to work full time.  It is still important to stay connected to other moms to vent their hopes and fears. 

DATE NIGHT: Plan at least one Date Night with your Husband/Partner Each Month

The first year after your baby is born can be one of the toughest on your relationship.  We encourage you to plan at least one date night a month with your husband (without your baby).  Often it is difficult to find a baby sitter or family to watch your baby that you are comfortable.  What some of the moms have done over the years is exchanged watching each others babies.  That can make date night easier to coordinate.  And since you will both be helping each other it can be a win-win for all.